Social & Community Health Audit

Strengthening Your Brand’s Social Media Presence and Community Engagement

Elevate your brand’s social media strategy with our Social & Community Health Audit. Tailored to assess and enhance your engagement on key platforms, this audit ensures your social presence is aligned with your brand values and business goals.

In today’s digital-first world, a strong social media presence is indispensable for brands looking to connect with their audience. However, simply being active on social media isn’t enough; brands must also nurture a healthy, engaged community that resonates with their message and values. Our Social & Community Health Audit provides a comprehensive evaluation of your social media efforts, identifying strengths, uncovering areas for improvement, and offering actionable strategies to enhance your brand’s engagement and community health.

Our Process

Engagement and Interaction Analysis

We begin by examining the level and quality of engagement between your brand and your audience across selected platforms. This includes analyzing likes, comments, shares, and other forms of interaction to assess the health of your community.

Content Performance Review

Your content is the voice of your brand on social media. We evaluate the performance of your content, identifying what resonates with your audience and where there are opportunities for improvement in terms of reach, engagement, and alignment with your brand messaging.

Community Sentiment Analysis

Understanding how your community feels about your brand is crucial. We conduct a sentiment analysis to gauge the overall mood, concerns, and expectations of your audience, providing insights into how well your brand is perceived.

Competitor Benchmarking

To give context to our findings, we analyze your competitors’ social media presence. This benchmarking helps identify industry standards, uncover new opportunities, and highlight areas where your brand can stand out.

Platform-Specific Strategy Recommendations

Each social media platform has its unique dynamics and user expectations. We offer tailored recommendations for each platform audited, focusing on optimizing your approach to content, engagement, and community building.


We pride ourselves on offering totally transparent pricing up-front.
You know what we charge, and how it changes as you grow. And these prices are pretty darn competitive.

$600 per Platform

This pricing model allows for flexibility and focus, permitting brands to select and prioritize the platforms most critical to their social media strategy. Whether it’s one platform or multiple, our audit provides detailed insights and actionable recommendations to improve your social media health and engagement.