Paid Social Marketing

Meta, X, and Pinterest: Expanding Your Brand’s Visibility with Engaging Social Media Presence

Navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social media with our expertly crafted campaigns on Meta (Facebook & Instagram), X (Twitter), and Pinterest. Sponsored content, dynamic ads, and beyond.

Paid Social Marketing is an indispensable tool for brands aiming to enhance their social media visibility, engage with their audience, and drive meaningful actions. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, boost sales, or cultivate a loyal customer base, our strategies are tailored to meet your business goals, ensuring that every dollar spent maximizes your return on investment. Through strategic planning and targeted advertising, we turn social platforms into powerful channels for brand growth.

Our Process

Campaign Strategy Development

We craft a bespoke social media advertising strategy that aligns with your brand’s goals, target audience, and budget. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of your brand presence, audience insights, and competitive landscape to create impactful campaigns.

Custom Audience Creation

Utilizing advanced targeting features of social media platforms to build custom audiences based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. This precision targeting ensures your ads reach the most relevant users, increasing the efficiency of your campaigns.

Ad Placement & Optimization

Managing ad placements across different social platforms to maximize visibility and engagement. We continuously monitor ad performance to optimize for the best results, adjusting targeting, bidding strategies, and creative elements as needed.

Reporting & Insights

Providing detailed performance reports with actionable insights and recommendations. Our reports offer a comprehensive view of your social media advertising efforts, highlighting successes, areas for improvement, and strategic advice for future campaigns.


We pride ourselves on offering totally transparent pricing up-front.
You know what we charge, and how it changes as you grow. And these prices are pretty darn competitive.



Ad Spend: <$8,000/month



Ad Spend: <$20,000/month



Ad Spend: <$50,000/month



Ad Spend: $50,000+/month

More Details

All packages discounted 12% if billed yearly.

25% Discount on all additional non-month-to-month services while under contract.

All content (copy, graphics, video) must be provided by the client.

Additional work at our nominal hourly rate ($150/hour under contract, or $200/hour without contract).