About Us

Sparrow Agency

Headquartered in Atlanta, Sparrow was founded on a single, simple principle: every dollar matters. We provide personalized, thoughtful strategies to businesses who aim to find new customers without wasteful overhead.

Our clients work directly with the marketing experts that are actually executing the ads—no account managers or middlemen. Drawing on years of experience, you get all the expertise of an agency without giving up the personalized service of a dedicated consultant.


Alex Gambon

Alex comes from a background in higher education, web3, philanthropy, and creative writing. He has worn numerous hats, such as brand strategist, growth strategist, chief brand officer, partnership manager, and creative director. He holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems, which enables him to approach creative projects with a data-driven and systemic perspective. As a communicator, his passion is translating complex jargon to make it accessible for diverse audiences. His portfolio showcases expertise in essays, fiction, UX design, technical writing, whitepapers, news articles, videos, and scriptwriting.

Matthew Takacs

Matthew comes from a background in paid digital advertising and client success strategies. He has worked across multiple Fortune 500 brands such as Macy’s and The Home Depot, both with agencies and in-house. He has driven revenue and growth for clients across Paid Search, Paid Social, Retail Media, Display, and Amazon Ads. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, and has a passion for optimization, analytics, and data-driven results. His thoughtful approach of educating stakeholders and asking insightful questions helps clarify the vision for everyone involved. His curiosity and adaptability enable him to stay on the cutting edge of best practices in digital marketing. Matthew’s portfolio of success showcases digital marketing work that positively impacts the bottom line.